Monday, May 23, 2011

"One More Thing...."

Just another random update, don't wanna leave anyone in the dark.
I am doing a bit of research for Case Four, and I am waiting on word from a person or two for video permissions. It's just gotten a little distracting between all of this Journal and VINDICATE stuff, not to mention the fact Shady has been taken by ThyExecutor. I am working on going over the journal, but some of the writing is hard to read, can't say I am to surprised about that though. Then there is this Avatar person, who is talking about being on a mission, and Dervandis is talking about being followed, not sure if they are connected, but my paranoia is getting the better of me, and i am a bit concerned. There is also this "Seer in Shadows" who has taken over TheWalkingEcho's channel and uses the same symbol I found on the white wrapping that was around the journal, whoever it is seems to be ignoring my questions about a possible connection. It also has been brought to my attention that "The Left Hand" has emerged from whatever gutter VINDICATE crawls from, and whoever "The Masked Doctor" is they are trapped too far in the past for my taste. Most importantly, Shady, who i have had the pleasure of talking to on occasion, has been taken by HIS Executor and is being tortured. It bothers me that i am too far away to be of any help, but it seems MysteryCultist is planning on staging a rescue of some kind. This is all a lot to handle, but I will endure. At least for now, I haven't seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, other than what i believe to be the ghost of an old man, who seems to like spending time with my son. Luckily this old man seems to be friendly.
Until next time, Stay Safe
Rev. Loon

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