Sunday, December 18, 2011

Live Stream Livestream tonight at 6pm central

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The boxs

I have begun going over the information on the hard drives, flash drives and memory cards. It is 90% video files. there are a couple pictures, and a text file. going to post my findings as soon as i can.

In other news, i will be going back somewhere special soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I finally have clearance to upload a video tomorrow. It needs to be seen.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long needed update

I know it has been some time. I haven't been in the safest of places. Currently i write this from a Undisclosed location that has not been told to me, just in case.MASC and myself have been trying to keep VINDICATE off of our trail, and dealing with a few other problems.

First off our last location was discovered by the Avatar, and because of it we had to move from our comfort zone. He almost got to us, MASC ended up in a small skirmish with some guys from VINDICATE and somebody who wasn't wearing the VINDICATE symbol or a gasmask that all of the others seem to where. He stood at the back of the group wearing what seemed to be some kind of bullet proof armor. He had some kind of odd helmet covering his face with a dark face shield, for some reason the eye area was clear, and his eyes were crimson where the whites should have been and emerald green, i will never forget those eyes. They pierced into my soul or at least felt like it. He watched as the members of VINDICATE fell and then took a few steps forward. I saw it then, something i had feared laying eyes upon since all of this started. Drawn upon his chest in white paint was the Operator symbol, that damned X in a circle. MASC fired and realized his armor was too thick to penetrate and they called a retreat, that's when he spoke. His voice chilled me, I was in some sort of daze as he spoke, my body felt numb and my chest tight.
"Gentlemen, it is simple, hand him over to VINDICATE and this ends. Deny this request, and HE will get involved and i will get to watch while the lot of you burn."
He turned and walked off into the woods, and we moved as fast as we could to get somewhere safe. I can only tell you that I will get some footage up on my channel here soon. As soon as i am safe.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Events of 6/25 to 7/3

Be forwarned this will be a long post

On June 25th I was sitting at home and began hearing what sounded like at someone trying to get into my home. Just as i was getting ready to call the police and hide in a different part of the house it went quiet and i thought the intruder left. I found out rather quickly i was wrong as six armed men in black outfits and gasmasks barged into my room. A gun was pointed at me and i was ordered to stand up. I was getting ready to as what was going on when i noticed the VINDICATE symbols on each of the Men's black trench coats. Then a man entered roughly 6'5 wearing a similar outfit as the rest, but no mask. His head was covered in runes and on his forhead was the Black Sun that the Nazis used in their occult practices. He said something in German, and i was struck in the back of the legs. The man introduced himself as Spellbinder and i assume i was hit in the head next, because i blacked out.

June 26th. I woke sometime during the day and found myself tied to a chair with two of the men standing over me. One of the walked to the door and told one of the others i was awake. Spellbinder came in and began asking me what my account passwords were and where the journal was. I did my best to play dumb, trying to act as if they might have hit me in the head a little too hard. He began trying to refresh my memory and i continued to play stupid. He walked from the room and i heard him tell one of the men to call in some Techs to get my computer information. The rest of the day continued with Spellbinder trying to jog my memory and me playing dumb.

June 27th. I don't remember much of this day. I woke up with the but of a rifle striking me in my knee, and then getting smacked in the chest by the same. The rest of this ay is clouded by memories of extreme pain. I am not 100% sure of what all they did, an i am thinking i might want to be grateful as the men in my home now said i was lucky to still be alive.

June 28th, most of the day I was being given painkillers. I suppose so i didn't die from shock or something. I remember hearing about Avatar being informed and something about him being on his way. I think i heard them talking about a pair of men in masks in the woods behind my home, and about Him being near the house as well. I hope the drugs were causing me to misunderstand most of this.

June 29th. I was woken up by The Avatar himself. He sat in a chair not 2 feet from me, and began questioning me. Asking where my family was, where the book was, and why i was resisting. I stuck to my plan of playing dumb. Asked him about my family, as if i had forgotten, he knows more than i would like him to. I got another dose of painkillers and was stuck in the knee before i lost consciousness. I partially awoke to Spellbinder cussing about military in the woods. I think i heard Avatar saying something about calling in a favor.

June 30th. I came to a bit to sounds of gunfire.  I heard Avatar telling Spellbinder it was time to end it, and i feared the worst. I heard them call to the guards in my room and then i heard Spellbinder shouting from the back yard. I took this distraction and began trying to get myself free. After a few minutes i saw a extra rifle with a bayonet and was able to cut myself free, and grab my phone. I tried making a call and something blocked it from going through, so i decided to take a look at the situation outside to see if i would have a way out. After carefully looking through my windows i found that I had no chance. I took the opportunity to hide and check to see if the rifle had ammunition just in case. Soon the painkillers wore off totally and i felt the pain throughout my body and i lost consciousness once again. Next Thing i knew I had several of the Military group and a medic over me and they told me to send out a message about me being safe and then put me under.

July 1st. The Group that saved me Identified themselves as MASC (Metaphysical Armed Services Collective). They informed me that i needed a few stitches, and that my family was safe.They informed me that i would be able to write this after they talked to the head of their group and smoothed out a couple loose ends.and told me to rest.

July 2nd, I was given a chance to talk to my family and the medics told me that most of my day would be spent being subjected to some tests and the like. I was told later in the day that i would be fine although walking might be an issue for a bit.  They asked me quite a few questions and told me they would check on any possibility of Him being around.

July 3rd. I was given a bit of information on the group with I am not allowed to talk about except for the fact that like the PTC, their job is to protect the innocents from unusual creatures. I was also told the information on how they pulled off the operation and how they knew about VINDICATE and where i was. Again i cannot say much, but they have been observing me for a bit, and apparently knew of VINDICATE but thought it had died off. I was also told that they were able to injure Spellbinder but Avatar simply wouldn't back down until he seemingly received a call over a communicator.

I am told to warn everyone reading this that Avatar does not seem to be phased by bullets, so he most likely wears protective armor of some kind. I will post more later and possibly make a new video once it has been cleared by MASC Headquarters.

As always stay safe my friends
Rev Loon

Monday, June 20, 2011

Illness and confusion

On the 12th I heard a knock, heavy like that of Police officers. I answered the door to find a mutilated deer sitting on my front porch. I looked at it for a little bit, trying to figure out what exactly happened to it, and decided to go get my camera. Next thing I knew, it was a number of hours later and the deer was gone. Ever since I have felt very under the weather. Unfortunately, there seems to be a connection. I went to a doctor yesterday, and they had no idea what was wrong, or how i developed Bronchitis like symptoms without having any sings of a respiratory infection. Then to top all of this off, i found the Seer In Shadows symbol drawn in blood on the side of the doctor's office building as i came out, and i seem to have a new stalker as well. The new stalker wears all black, including a hoodie with the hood up and his/her head down.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Stalker

As i said on Twitter. I saw him walking into my neighborhood as I was leaving it by car. We locked eyes, and Stared at each other till i passed him. As soon as the car was passed him, he turned around and started walking the other way.

I ended up at Wal-Mart roughly 15 min later. I shopped for an hour and as i was getting ready to leave, there he was. I decided to do what i haven't been able to yet, ask him a few questions.

Me: excuse me 
The Stalker:Huh?
M:why have you been following me?
S:Soon his chapter ends, and the shadows will be knocking at you door

He turned and hurried off before i could ask more. I tried to follow but when i got outside he was gone.

I was able to see two things i hadn't before. First aside from the gray hair, he looked about 26 at the oldest. More importantly however, he had the Diamond with an X in the center tattooed on his forehead.

I think he might be the Seer in Shadows, the one that left the book for me.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unexpected Delivery

I recieved something in the mail today, I honestly didn't expect to still recieve it. I got a box with no return adress but a name. MysteryCultist. It was postmarked for the day after Mystery's dissapearence. I don't know if that is just an error by  USPS/UPS/FEDEX or not but, getting this package gives me hope that Mystery is ok.

I contacted Mystery via Youtube about Protection spells and charms after i was offered help on twitter from him.  He sadi he would go through some things and send me a sort of care package of what he gathered together.
The contents of the box were a few runes and some stuff explaining them along with an amulet and a description of what the amulet did. It also had a couple drawings of different protections symbols and where to draw them on my body. The notes were all hand written which also leads me to believe it is possible Mystery is ok. Why hand write the explinations when you could print them out, unless he was not near a computer when he put together the package.

If You are somehow reading this Mystery, Thank you.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Last night

I am not 100% sure what that Thing was. It was large and pale, red eyes, and it moved very fast. I am not sure what to say about it other than it scared the crap out of me. I thought it was The Rake, but i am not sure anymore. Whatever it was walked upright.....i cant think about it it kept me up most of the night.

On top of all of that, a car was found this morning in the middle of the street, parked diagonally. It had no license plates of VIN number. and the police said there where no reports of a stolen car matching the description. they hauled it off before i could get  a good look at it.

To top everything off, no sign of my stalker yet today.

This is becoming more and more unusual.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just gets more confusing

Asked around today about the man in the dark coat. The only people who have seen him are the neighborhood kids. All the adults have been at work. Damn, no leads yet, I will keep looking though.

Stalker, no Stalking, Stalker no Stalking, Stalker no Stalking

Damn, didn't work. Well I tried.
On a serious not, this guy is back, and no one else in the neighborhood seems to think anything odd about it, and I don't know why. It is really bugging me, I just want to figure out who this guy is. When i saw him this morning i went for my camera, but it's battery had drained from not being used lately. I am charging it now just in case this guy shows up again. I tried to catch him today, but he was gone by the time i got outside. I am not sure who he works for, VINDICATE or god forbid, Ol' Faceless. That would be my luck though, getting followed by the Construct while i am dealing with this VINDICATE crap.....I just don't know what to think right know.
Then there's Mystery, who is MIA right now. The day Mystery went missing i had been asking about protection spells and such, i was told i would get a package, but it seems Mystery didn't have the time. I really hope Mystery is OK.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I cannot believe this. wake up this morning to find out that a friend is indeed missing.  I am not sure what to do. I hate that i am too far to help right now.

Then I saw this. Now I don't know for sure, but I am worried that VINDICATE has made some kind of deal with SM's forces. I really hope i am wrong about that.

The most disturbing part of my morning was this guy walking through my neighborhood. I had never seen him before, and living here as long as I have, I know everybody. There are a few different ways he could have got in this neighborhood but only one of them wouldn't have drawn extra attention to himself. 

The man himself I would place at roughly 5'8 judging him against the surrounding homes and lawn decorations. He was wearing a black duster, which is not a standard article of clothing for this time of year in Texas. His hair, was short and gray, but from what I could tell he didn't look very old.  I watched him from my bathroom window for about ten minutes, he walked slowly down street, looking at my home most of the time. When he got to the end of the street, which is blocked from the next neighborhood by a tall metal fence, he stopped. He looked back at my home for a minute or two and then scaled the fence faster than I had seen anyone do so before. I have checked a couple times since, and he has not returned. But the real question is, who is this guy working for, and was he really watching my house, or is it just paranoia kicking in?

Seems the only good thing that has happened this morning is that another acquaintance of mine Specifically the guy who sent me the book and got me in this mess. It seems he is ok-ish and I will be able to get more answers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

"One More Thing...."

Just another random update, don't wanna leave anyone in the dark.
I am doing a bit of research for Case Four, and I am waiting on word from a person or two for video permissions. It's just gotten a little distracting between all of this Journal and VINDICATE stuff, not to mention the fact Shady has been taken by ThyExecutor. I am working on going over the journal, but some of the writing is hard to read, can't say I am to surprised about that though. Then there is this Avatar person, who is talking about being on a mission, and Dervandis is talking about being followed, not sure if they are connected, but my paranoia is getting the better of me, and i am a bit concerned. There is also this "Seer in Shadows" who has taken over TheWalkingEcho's channel and uses the same symbol I found on the white wrapping that was around the journal, whoever it is seems to be ignoring my questions about a possible connection. It also has been brought to my attention that "The Left Hand" has emerged from whatever gutter VINDICATE crawls from, and whoever "The Masked Doctor" is they are trapped too far in the past for my taste. Most importantly, Shady, who i have had the pleasure of talking to on occasion, has been taken by HIS Executor and is being tortured. It bothers me that i am too far away to be of any help, but it seems MysteryCultist is planning on staging a rescue of some kind. This is all a lot to handle, but I will endure. At least for now, I haven't seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, other than what i believe to be the ghost of an old man, who seems to like spending time with my son. Luckily this old man seems to be friendly.
Until next time, Stay Safe
Rev. Loon

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Case four is still in the works i just have a bit going on right now, i will let everyone know when it's done.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bridge

It's looking like my trip to the bridge should be happening soon. everything is looking up. I will keep everyone posted.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Update on my bridge adventure.

Looks like it is being pushed back a little further. My son seems to be coming down with something, gonna make sure he is ok before i chance this little venture.

Thinking about doing a Ustream either tonight or tomorrow i will let everyone know

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clear My Thoughts

So it seems another member of VINDICATE has showed himself. The Avatar, who is as he puts it "The right hand of my Master, The Enforcer of VINDICATE". I am not sure what to think of all of this yet. They are talking to me because of a book i don't have yet, and are insisting i give it to them. Of course on the other side of the coin i have two people I do not know, Dervandis, who sent me this book in the first place, and TheWalkingEcho, who may or may not be in VINDICATE's custody. It is obvious it is not just a bunch of trolls, i have never seen trolls get this in depth with a joke before. So the question becomes, just who are these people. Could Dervandis and TheWalkingEcho, be people i know, messing around or perhaps disguising themselves and trying to run from a real problem. The other question is who The Avatar and Tzamain really are, who they claim to be or something more. Maybe if i do get that book i might learn something about all this, then again if VINDICATE is exactly what they say what will really be in store if i get said book. Too many variables right now, I am going to have to find more information and narrow things down. Then there is the coded message that was on the takeover video on TheWalkingEcho's page. "Go to where the lines cross. The stone sees from on high. And sound precedes death" I believe this is referring to a bridge near my house that has train tracks running beneath it, but it could be something else. I need to go to this bridge and see if there is anything there. I plan to go there soon, hopefully tomorrow, depending on weather and my broken toe.(toe was injured due to a Fail on my part) Not sure what, if anything i will find there, but i only hope it will be answers. And another thing, who could have posted the original message there in the first place, I don't think VINDICATE would have, but maybe i am wrong. Again variables....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Case Three Part 1 is finally live

part two tomorrow


Executive descision

Ok, with YouTube being dumb. and me being ill, i am going to put off getting Case three up until after it is complete. I hope everyone can wait a few more days for it, i know i said it would be up by today, and i really don't like having to break a deadline or my word. Unfortunately, i am going to have to do just that, mainly because i want this video to be better quality than the last two. I will let everyone know as soon as it is going up.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


After a few setbacks and a side of illness, part one of the new video should be up by 1030pm central, give or take a few min.

In other news, the fence of the vacant house next door was torn down by something just about an hour ago. got an after shot with my phone, i dont see anything in it but will upload after case three is up.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Case Three is coming along as planned. Will be at least a two-parter, BUT both will be up later tonight
In other news, i decided to create a Ustream, that i will be on randomly. I will post to twitter before i go live so people can tune in and chat with me about whatever.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Late update

hoped on the computer to check my email because my phone was going off about it and this was attached to a message in my inbox

needless to say i am starting to think there is more to this. And Tzamain, i don't care if you see this, i have no reason to fear you.

Case Three Update

My script is currently going through my final revisions, and i should be ready to film Case Three:Slenderman tomorrow. meaning it should be up by thursday depending on the time it takes me to edit it.
My only problem is that i am waiting on messages from two other YouTube users for permission to use their footage. Hopefully i will get word tomorrow otherwise i will have to go on without it. I dont plan on this video being up any later than friday.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A quick update

If you follow me on my other sites, you know about the gift i got emailed earlier. This is interesting to say the least.
In other news, I am still working on going through information on Slenderman, I have a ton to go through and i have a decent amount of video to go through thanks to TribeTwelve and MLAndersen0, who have given me permission to use some of their video in Case Three. This video is gonna take a bit to get sorted out and is very likely to end up being two to three parts long. I will keep you posted.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

And no one saw it coming

So it turns out we have been fooled, fooled better than ever before. Someone we though we could trust, a man who seemed to be helping, was trying to destroy us all. Turns out Dr.Cairo was against us all along. Funny how easy our perceptions can be clouded sometimes. We need to be very careful from here on out. I am apologizing in advance for Case Three, as it might spread Slenderman's reach, but i feel it needs to be done. I am currently collecting my information from the vast amount of sources and getting ready to write up my script. Yes, script, it helps me stay on topic, stutter less and will allow me to figure out how to split up Case Three.

In other news, VINDICATE has been silent, and i haven't gotten any response from James Richards aka Dirvandis. If you read this James, i need more info on this book you sent my way, and how you know where to send it. And anything you can tell me about VINDICATE.

Stay Safe Everyone

-Rev Loon the Wanderer

An executive descision

I have decided that in addition to my standard cases, i will also be doing analysis of unsolved mysteries, especially those that seem paranormal. But don't worry i am not starting this up until after Case Three: Slenderman, which i am currently working on now

Just got wierder

Got this video sent from my "friend" BlackAnon135

This is the description
30 31 30 31 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 30 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 30 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 30 31 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 31 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 30 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 30 31 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 31 30 30 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 31 30 30 31 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 30 31 30 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 31 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 31 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 30 31 31 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 31 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 30 31 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 31 30 31 31 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 31 31 30 30 20 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 31 30 30 30 30 20 30 31 30 30 30 30 30 31 20 30 31 30 31 31 30 30 31

ok so it's getting odd

Just got a message from some guy named James Richards.....not sure what is happening but look at his last post on his blog

A Hole in the Window

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Case Two: The Rake

 UPDATE:Ready to begin filming 4:22 pm central

Well I have all the information I need, and the approval from certain people I needed. I am going to start recording Case Two:The rake today, and will most likely have it up this weekend.
Ugly bastard isn't he?


I already have my very own troll, and i haven't even done a slendy video yet.....god i hate people sometimes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I plan to get my analysis videos going this week. First one should be up by Sunday at the latest.
Will post to Twitter and here when it goes up.

Update 4/26/2011 3:25pm central time
Work has begun on video 1 "Father Paranoia and the BEKs"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Father Paranoia

I have been researching this entity heavily since it's mention in ""Observe and Terminate". The following is an assortment of quotes i have found on him/it.

Father Paranoia
"You have heard stories from those who Curse-blessed. Now you shall hear the story of a man very important to my plans.
My Master is the third youngest of his brothers. He is known as the Muse of Insanity, Paranoia, Irrational Fear. He is a Muse of stories detailing forbidden knowledge, the unknown, the mentally unstable. He is the one who stalked Lovecraft. He is the one who whispered to Crowley. He is the one who intentionally revealed the Failed Plan to Manson. He is my Master.
I am not alone. He has so many children. They wear his eyes so that they may see the world as he does: in dark and obscure shades. He is completely colorblind. His children share this trait as well. They follow the living. They hide in shadows, they wear the skin of the dead, they blend in. You'll never notice them unless they want you to. They only wish to terrify. Their only joy comes from feeding.
Master sees the world changing. Sees humans become weaker, become easier to scare, and yet, he finds himself weaker. He weakens with humanity. Some of his brothers are equally weakened, but others are strengthened. There is talk of another schism in the family.
He has a plan to make himself strong again, and it's too good to fail. He will succeed. Mankind will not fall. It will be reshaped into an image more appropriate for the most Unholiest of Muses.
His pale, wrinkly face leered in at me. His lifeless, black eyes, that shone despite their darkness, peered into my own. His stringy hair fluttered a little in the wind. He seemed to be breathing somewhat harshly"
-Iliketofix, Moderator, The Happy Cube Productions (Forum site)

Various other Sites
Believe it or not, Father Paranoia (and two of his brothers) want mankind to wander down one of the paths that leads to the world not changing so much. A world full of misery and chaos would be useless to the Muses, who are meant to inspire. Who would Paranoia inspire if everyone had reason to be paranoid? Such a world would weaken him to the point of non-existence. He would be gone. Unfortunately, Calliope has already gotten mankind to wander down the wrong path. Ulistikos also interferes, caught up in feeding and power. We wish to fix mankind. We wish to to put you on the right path.
We want to take a path that will be much like the world we have now. The main difference will be that Paranoia will (and perhaps two of his brothers) be a bit stronger

The story goes that they are the children of 'Father Paranoia", also known to most paranormal investigators as Shadow People.. However, the BEKs are Shadow People who have gone further than merely haunting. They wear the skin of the dead-- this is why their eyes are 'black'. Their mythology is similar to some old Vampire myths, as they are said to feed on human souls.

When Father Paranoia sicks them on someone, they'll come to the door and knock. They cannot come in unless you open the door for them.They may claim to be in trouble, or ask to use the phone or whatever.
They look... 'wrong', or some eye witness reports have claimed. Like their skin doesn't fit right.
Father Paranoia, the dark muse, is said to use that-- the sound of them knocking-- as his calling card, a warning so to speak.
This was all related to the story of the Wyoming Incident. It's the first case I got involved in...

That Father Paranoia wanted to fix us.
That the human race is broken....

Analysis of Father Paranoia
He is a very interesting paranormal entity. Obviously if the PTC had a unit dedicated to him, along with the fact his "children" feed on souls, he needs to be avoided at all costs, and destroyed. His followers seem to see him as a holy figure (Muse). I believe that just like Slenderman and the Rake, we need to be aware of him, careful of his actions, and hopefully find a way to put him down. With all that is happening para-normally in the world the last things we need are more dangerous entities.

It is high time I start analysis of these and other entities in our world. Youtube Vlogs will be forth coming on my YouTube Channel

-Stay safe everyone
Rev Loon the Wanderer

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DarkHarvest00 Finds a book

The guys from youtube channel DarkHarvest00 found a book thanks to thier hallowed stalker.
Link to the photos of said Book.

I have already done my own analysis and sent it to them i will post it below

Book Interpretation: Book One

Page 2 & 3
Seems to be talking about dimensional Gateways and of something called "the Hour Glass" which seems to be a type of portal.
page 4
Diagram seems to be of a Portal. the triangles could represent objects of some kind being used to stabilize said portal
Page 5
If the Rift (seemingly main Gate into the Portal) closes the "Hour Glass"(actual pathway) Remains intact, just without and entrance. Apparently it is difficult, nearly impossible to find this residual site for the rift with our 5 senses.
Page 6
Way to reopen the rift by use of Heat energy and Vim energy.(Vim is apparently energy left over form our worlds creation) and the release needs to be done in four specific points around the residual Rift. (The triangles in the diagram)
Page 7
The Rift opening must be started by something in the 4th world(dimension) and finished by and someone here in our world. once complete any creature or object may cross into our world, though the creatures are changed dramatically due to their extra dimensional properties.
Page 8
Theorizes that something entering the rift is broken down on a molecular level and then reassembled on in the portal on the other side.
Page 9
Explains how the energies support the open rift. i am guessing the diagram show the mathematical equations to keeping it open.
Page 10
Warning about the dangers of opening a rift without the energies present, and that the rift can cause harm to both worlds due to alien diseases, and throwing Eco-systems out of balance.
Page 11
The Rift alters the effects of time on the travelers passing through it.
Page 12
The Rift only works as a temporary Gateway between the 3rd and 4th world. Should it become corrupted by an unstable rift it could cause damage to anything traveling through it.
Page 13
Beings that travel through the Rift are "Infected" with Electromagnetic radiation. Main symptom is a electromagnetic "Pulse" emitting from the infected. This radiation is contagious but short living.

Book 2 Cycles Interpretation

Seems to represent a past or maybe other dimension.
First Movement
The Tentacled eye seems to represent a king overseeing a punishment
Second Movement
Another crowned being, perhaps a prince is blinded by a sword. Three cow like drawings appear here as well labeled 1, 2 and 3. These may represent witnesses to the blinding
Third movement
The Eye and the Second figure (Very Slenderman like) are near an alter where the animal labeled 2 was either sacrificed or killed while 1 and 3 watched. The crowns are now both in the tentacles of the eye, perhaps they have given up or lost the power they had.

First Movement
Operator symbol with tentacle could represent a world. Slenderman is at the top along with 5 people labled 1,6,3,4,5. 1 and three may be the same as the ones from before which explains the fact 2 is missing.
Second movement
Some sort of cage like structure with the grim reaper on it. The Eye is holding a triangle with 1 one it perhaps choosing him or marking him. The other numbers are attached to the cage by tentacles and appear in squares, maybe they are trapped somewhere
Third Movement
Slenderman standing on a world surrounded by what seem to be corpses. not 100% on the 4 but it along with the symbol could represent a gate to the 4th world.
First movement
Broken Hourglass seems to represent a collapse of a gate. The diamond and bird seem to be watchers perhaps a being from the other world and the opener of the gate.
Second Movement
The Diamond possibly represents the person from our world that opened the gate. This seems to show a struggle between good and evil. The Skull is obviously evil and the wheel seems close to the Dharma Wheel from Buddhism. I believe this person to be the 3 from the other images simply because of the birds carrying the number 3.
Third Movement
Might Represent the complete corruption of the Diamond. not sure about the triangle unless it is the 1 from the other page also corrupted.
IV-The Fourth Dawn
Mortem Obire-Meet Death
Diagram of the Gate between the 3d and 4th worlds

Book Three Kinder Von Der Ritter 

Title translates to Children of the Knight

The Diamond also appears here which seems to me to mean that he was represented in the second book as being corrupted

1 Remembrance
Story of the "Discoverer" and his finding of an ancient tablet supposedly outlineing the ability to become a God in the fourth dimension. Once he translated it into English it was forgotten. It Would later be rediscovered by "The First Overseer". The First Overseer founded an Order dedicated to the Tablet and the transcripts. He also Wrote the first "Collective Knowledge" He gathered Believers to analyze the Tablet and found more information about the Gateway to the fourth dimension and a God called GORR'RYLAEHOTEP. (He who is our Master)
The order worshiped this God along with protecting the tablet and it's transcript. People from The Discoverer's home-world(maybe just town) came and took the tablet and it's transcript leaving the order with only the Collective knowledge and the knowledge of the first overseer to guide them. So they Developed and grew the order in spite of not having the tablet. Then they finally saw their master, and many died in "Glorious Exaltation" but one was chosen to be their God's Herald. The Herald was supposed to become the "Immortal Oracle" who could see both past and future, these "visions" are a foundation of the order and a map on how to go on a "Trek" to obtain Godhood. This trek will happen on the Fourth Dawn, but the laws of the Order must be upheld, for the safety of the Trek.

This is obviously a history of some type of Cult devoted to slender man

The Laws.

Law of Secrecy
Obvious one

Law of Submission
Submit to the ultimate goal of the order-Transcendence by moving to the other world, and and submitting to the wisdom of the Overseer

Law of Remembrance
Must remember and revere the Origins of the Order and the memory of the strides of members who made strides towards enlightenment.

2 Submission

Describes a basic Heirachy of the order.
The God/Master-GORR'RYLAEHOTEP probably slenderman

The Overseer- Divine guide and knows the most about their God. Will lead the Vassels on the Trek. He is described as Powerful and his will is absolute because it is the will of their God. Also described as the Greatest of Men

The Apprentice- Trains with the Overseer to replace him after his death.

The Immortal Oracle- the Seer of Truth. He lives in isolation because his mortal mind was destroyed by the truth he sees because it is too amazing for mortal minds to comprehend without reaching Godhood.

The Vassals- The "blood" of the brotherhood,
They follow the laws of the order and are instrument of the Overseer and the master. They will meet the master at the 4th Dawn, and must ward off the evil of the Harbingers

The Harbingers-Those who try and stop the order

3 Rememberance

PIETAS-Roman Virtue:duty, or devotion
This section is basically a pledge to the Master

VITULAMEN-Latin:sacrifice or offering
This section looks like a ritual passage

This section is some sort of Initiation ritual

The Document from the back of the book

Looks like a government attempt to create a Rift between dimensions

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Game is Afoot

It seems one of His minions is warning me. He says i shouldn't laugh at Him, or it could possibly put me in danger. Call me foolish, but now i am more interested.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aide to those who need it

For those running, i am here to help. I can't do much, but i will do what i can

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Nature of "He who stalks the Trees"

If you are reading this I hope it will give you something to think about.

If you are unclear of my title it refers to //Construct//, Him, SM, The Tall Man, The Thin Man, or simply Slenderman.

First and foremost, i know i may have just doomed myself, if I did, so be it.

Now to the Important Matters.

Just what is he?

I know we all wonder this, and i have my own hypothesis. He is a Psionic Parasite, that uses human remains to replicate himself and repair himself. Just here me out on this.

Parasitic Aspects

He seems to be in multiple places at the same time. Now i agree he could just move through dimensions that fast but, think about the descriptions of his tentacles, or lack there of. In some of the documented evidence we have he is seem by different people, and with different tentacle counts if he has them at all. This could be due to parasite maturity. Which could also explain the need for organs, so he can construct new host bodies and maintain them. This could also explain the Revnants, and why they seem to have some of his powers bestowed on them. It is all in the parasites that are implanted. Another aspect of this could be found in his increased power and offensiveness in forests. The parasites could theoretically be planted into trees to mature, which would A. Give him extra energy to feed from, and B. give him a reason to be more defensive in wooded areas.

Psionic Aspects

Anyone wonder how he can incapacitate without a touch? How he speaks into other peoples minds? His power to travel in the Path of Black Leaves unscathed? The distortion of electrical devices? I believe these to be based from Psionic energy. The ability to speak into other peoples minds already points to Psionics as it is. How else could he do it?   The ability to incapacitate without ever touching someone and distortions in electronic devices also seem to point to this aspect. High concentrations of Psionic energy would affect the ability of an electronic devices' functionality. Then there is his supposed realm, The Path of Black Leaves. A place that we cannot survive correctly in this realm, but he can. Obviously it is his realm so he can survive, but what if it was Psionic abilities allowing this. This would also explain why some of his servants can travel through it. The Parasites implanted in the Revnants give them some partial Psionic ability, a connection to the realm.

Other Notes on these possible aspects of him

The exposure symptoms the blackout and the cough. These could be due to our bodies being damaged by his Psionic field. Our bodies are not used to Psionic energy, and his power could theoretically have a damaging effect on our bodies just by being in the presence of such energy.

The varied descriptions of him. As I proposed  earlier, This could be due to varying stages of Parasitic Maturity. This would explain why reports on his tentacles vary from none to ten. The more mature versions are large enough to display these and use them, where as younger ones are not big enough, to do so.

Maturity. This could also explain why most aspect of him show his ability to swat away blows and weapons without moving, and at the same time why in a newer series documenting him, he physically strikes someone. As the Older ones construct new hosts, the newer parasites are not as powerful and cannot draw on the same well of power. Thus some are more physical than the others.

Now i must restate this is a theory, just something to think about.

Stay Safe
Rev. Loon, The Wanderer