Monday, August 19, 2013


So many nightmares. Barely sleeping lately. Ever since finding out that MASC was all in my head...

I feel lost, James is doing his best to help, but it's not easy realizing you have been going crazy since 2011.

It is starting to seem like there is more going on that I originally believed. We have been on the move for a while now. We have been staying in a shitty little hotel, thought we had been safe..until last night. They finally made a move. VINDICATE sent a few soldiers our way, led by what I can only believe is a proxy. The man at the front of those damned gas mask wearing freaks was moving very strangely. He wore black clothes and a hoodie, and kept his face pointed to the ground. He moved in a jerky fashion, the easiest was to describe it would be a combination of the Nurses from Silent hill and Voldo from soul caliber. Just his presence made us feel ill. he seemed to direct the VINDICATE soldiers with hand signals, never saying a word. The soldiers began fanning i can only assume to make sure that we didn't sneak out somehow. This hooded man came up to the door, and began knocking at the door, and not an aggressive knock either. Of course we wouldn't answer, but we tried Asking what he wanted, who he was. We got no response, just and endless knocking. The knocking continued until 5 am, then it finally stopped and they all walked back into formation. The hooded man without lifting his head waved goodbye and the group vanished.

We are heading out and going somewhere else. I'll update again when I can.

Stay Safe

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Odd Reunion

This was the result of my return to the bridge where I had found the journal. Following this I went with James to an undisclosed location where we sat down and had a conversation. That conversation will be uploaded soon.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Finally pulled myself from that dark pit. Not sure where I have been, or for how long exactly, but I awoke a few minutes ago in my old home. My phone is gone along with my knife and the bag I had containing some items I was collecting. I have to figure out what happened, and where my stuff is. In the following days I will be recounting all I can remember and try to figure out how long I have been gone.

If anyone can give me any information, please reply to this post.