Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Nature of "He who stalks the Trees"

If you are reading this I hope it will give you something to think about.

If you are unclear of my title it refers to //Construct//, Him, SM, The Tall Man, The Thin Man, or simply Slenderman.

First and foremost, i know i may have just doomed myself, if I did, so be it.

Now to the Important Matters.

Just what is he?

I know we all wonder this, and i have my own hypothesis. He is a Psionic Parasite, that uses human remains to replicate himself and repair himself. Just here me out on this.

Parasitic Aspects

He seems to be in multiple places at the same time. Now i agree he could just move through dimensions that fast but, think about the descriptions of his tentacles, or lack there of. In some of the documented evidence we have he is seem by different people, and with different tentacle counts if he has them at all. This could be due to parasite maturity. Which could also explain the need for organs, so he can construct new host bodies and maintain them. This could also explain the Revnants, and why they seem to have some of his powers bestowed on them. It is all in the parasites that are implanted. Another aspect of this could be found in his increased power and offensiveness in forests. The parasites could theoretically be planted into trees to mature, which would A. Give him extra energy to feed from, and B. give him a reason to be more defensive in wooded areas.

Psionic Aspects

Anyone wonder how he can incapacitate without a touch? How he speaks into other peoples minds? His power to travel in the Path of Black Leaves unscathed? The distortion of electrical devices? I believe these to be based from Psionic energy. The ability to speak into other peoples minds already points to Psionics as it is. How else could he do it?   The ability to incapacitate without ever touching someone and distortions in electronic devices also seem to point to this aspect. High concentrations of Psionic energy would affect the ability of an electronic devices' functionality. Then there is his supposed realm, The Path of Black Leaves. A place that we cannot survive correctly in this realm, but he can. Obviously it is his realm so he can survive, but what if it was Psionic abilities allowing this. This would also explain why some of his servants can travel through it. The Parasites implanted in the Revnants give them some partial Psionic ability, a connection to the realm.

Other Notes on these possible aspects of him

The exposure symptoms the blackout and the cough. These could be due to our bodies being damaged by his Psionic field. Our bodies are not used to Psionic energy, and his power could theoretically have a damaging effect on our bodies just by being in the presence of such energy.

The varied descriptions of him. As I proposed  earlier, This could be due to varying stages of Parasitic Maturity. This would explain why reports on his tentacles vary from none to ten. The more mature versions are large enough to display these and use them, where as younger ones are not big enough, to do so.

Maturity. This could also explain why most aspect of him show his ability to swat away blows and weapons without moving, and at the same time why in a newer series documenting him, he physically strikes someone. As the Older ones construct new hosts, the newer parasites are not as powerful and cannot draw on the same well of power. Thus some are more physical than the others.

Now i must restate this is a theory, just something to think about.

Stay Safe
Rev. Loon, The Wanderer