Monday, July 4, 2011

Events of 6/25 to 7/3

Be forwarned this will be a long post

On June 25th I was sitting at home and began hearing what sounded like at someone trying to get into my home. Just as i was getting ready to call the police and hide in a different part of the house it went quiet and i thought the intruder left. I found out rather quickly i was wrong as six armed men in black outfits and gasmasks barged into my room. A gun was pointed at me and i was ordered to stand up. I was getting ready to as what was going on when i noticed the VINDICATE symbols on each of the Men's black trench coats. Then a man entered roughly 6'5 wearing a similar outfit as the rest, but no mask. His head was covered in runes and on his forhead was the Black Sun that the Nazis used in their occult practices. He said something in German, and i was struck in the back of the legs. The man introduced himself as Spellbinder and i assume i was hit in the head next, because i blacked out.

June 26th. I woke sometime during the day and found myself tied to a chair with two of the men standing over me. One of the walked to the door and told one of the others i was awake. Spellbinder came in and began asking me what my account passwords were and where the journal was. I did my best to play dumb, trying to act as if they might have hit me in the head a little too hard. He began trying to refresh my memory and i continued to play stupid. He walked from the room and i heard him tell one of the men to call in some Techs to get my computer information. The rest of the day continued with Spellbinder trying to jog my memory and me playing dumb.

June 27th. I don't remember much of this day. I woke up with the but of a rifle striking me in my knee, and then getting smacked in the chest by the same. The rest of this ay is clouded by memories of extreme pain. I am not 100% sure of what all they did, an i am thinking i might want to be grateful as the men in my home now said i was lucky to still be alive.

June 28th, most of the day I was being given painkillers. I suppose so i didn't die from shock or something. I remember hearing about Avatar being informed and something about him being on his way. I think i heard them talking about a pair of men in masks in the woods behind my home, and about Him being near the house as well. I hope the drugs were causing me to misunderstand most of this.

June 29th. I was woken up by The Avatar himself. He sat in a chair not 2 feet from me, and began questioning me. Asking where my family was, where the book was, and why i was resisting. I stuck to my plan of playing dumb. Asked him about my family, as if i had forgotten, he knows more than i would like him to. I got another dose of painkillers and was stuck in the knee before i lost consciousness. I partially awoke to Spellbinder cussing about military in the woods. I think i heard Avatar saying something about calling in a favor.

June 30th. I came to a bit to sounds of gunfire.  I heard Avatar telling Spellbinder it was time to end it, and i feared the worst. I heard them call to the guards in my room and then i heard Spellbinder shouting from the back yard. I took this distraction and began trying to get myself free. After a few minutes i saw a extra rifle with a bayonet and was able to cut myself free, and grab my phone. I tried making a call and something blocked it from going through, so i decided to take a look at the situation outside to see if i would have a way out. After carefully looking through my windows i found that I had no chance. I took the opportunity to hide and check to see if the rifle had ammunition just in case. Soon the painkillers wore off totally and i felt the pain throughout my body and i lost consciousness once again. Next Thing i knew I had several of the Military group and a medic over me and they told me to send out a message about me being safe and then put me under.

July 1st. The Group that saved me Identified themselves as MASC (Metaphysical Armed Services Collective). They informed me that i needed a few stitches, and that my family was safe.They informed me that i would be able to write this after they talked to the head of their group and smoothed out a couple loose ends.and told me to rest.

July 2nd, I was given a chance to talk to my family and the medics told me that most of my day would be spent being subjected to some tests and the like. I was told later in the day that i would be fine although walking might be an issue for a bit.  They asked me quite a few questions and told me they would check on any possibility of Him being around.

July 3rd. I was given a bit of information on the group with I am not allowed to talk about except for the fact that like the PTC, their job is to protect the innocents from unusual creatures. I was also told the information on how they pulled off the operation and how they knew about VINDICATE and where i was. Again i cannot say much, but they have been observing me for a bit, and apparently knew of VINDICATE but thought it had died off. I was also told that they were able to injure Spellbinder but Avatar simply wouldn't back down until he seemingly received a call over a communicator.

I am told to warn everyone reading this that Avatar does not seem to be phased by bullets, so he most likely wears protective armor of some kind. I will post more later and possibly make a new video once it has been cleared by MASC Headquarters.

As always stay safe my friends
Rev Loon