Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clear My Thoughts

So it seems another member of VINDICATE has showed himself. The Avatar, who is as he puts it "The right hand of my Master, The Enforcer of VINDICATE". I am not sure what to think of all of this yet. They are talking to me because of a book i don't have yet, and are insisting i give it to them. Of course on the other side of the coin i have two people I do not know, Dervandis, who sent me this book in the first place, and TheWalkingEcho, who may or may not be in VINDICATE's custody. It is obvious it is not just a bunch of trolls, i have never seen trolls get this in depth with a joke before. So the question becomes, just who are these people. Could Dervandis and TheWalkingEcho, be people i know, messing around or perhaps disguising themselves and trying to run from a real problem. The other question is who The Avatar and Tzamain really are, who they claim to be or something more. Maybe if i do get that book i might learn something about all this, then again if VINDICATE is exactly what they say what will really be in store if i get said book. Too many variables right now, I am going to have to find more information and narrow things down. Then there is the coded message that was on the takeover video on TheWalkingEcho's page. "Go to where the lines cross. The stone sees from on high. And sound precedes death" I believe this is referring to a bridge near my house that has train tracks running beneath it, but it could be something else. I need to go to this bridge and see if there is anything there. I plan to go there soon, hopefully tomorrow, depending on weather and my broken toe.(toe was injured due to a Fail on my part) Not sure what, if anything i will find there, but i only hope it will be answers. And another thing, who could have posted the original message there in the first place, I don't think VINDICATE would have, but maybe i am wrong. Again variables....


  1. It may seem overwhelming to have all these variables but at least you're seeing more than just a few. Being prepared for any of them will help in the long run. Updates all the time, every bloody hour the day you decide to skip off to the tracks and bridge.

  2. It could be people playing tricks or it could be other things. You seem to have been given a chance for an answer. Maybe you should take something to defend yourself with. Keep us updated and stay safe.