Saturday, April 30, 2011

ok so it's getting odd

Just got a message from some guy named James Richards.....not sure what is happening but look at his last post on his blog

A Hole in the Window


  1. How curious, that would mean this one has acquired your address. That's a bit startling. You planning to help this fellow?

  2. probably, and it looks like that ANON guy made an account here and already commented

  3. The question is... did this guy find you through Anon or did Anon find you through him. Or is Anon a different facet of his personality... Many people, when they start finding notes and blog entries, etc in unlikely places are unaware that they've been compromised. In fact, their denial is pathological. It Must be someone sneaking in because there is no other way for anyone to get in... I've begun to refer to this as "The call is coming from inside the house" syndrome. You see it a lot with people who are beginning to break but the proxy doesn't have full control yet.