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Father Paranoia

I have been researching this entity heavily since it's mention in ""Observe and Terminate". The following is an assortment of quotes i have found on him/it.

Father Paranoia
"You have heard stories from those who Curse-blessed. Now you shall hear the story of a man very important to my plans.
My Master is the third youngest of his brothers. He is known as the Muse of Insanity, Paranoia, Irrational Fear. He is a Muse of stories detailing forbidden knowledge, the unknown, the mentally unstable. He is the one who stalked Lovecraft. He is the one who whispered to Crowley. He is the one who intentionally revealed the Failed Plan to Manson. He is my Master.
I am not alone. He has so many children. They wear his eyes so that they may see the world as he does: in dark and obscure shades. He is completely colorblind. His children share this trait as well. They follow the living. They hide in shadows, they wear the skin of the dead, they blend in. You'll never notice them unless they want you to. They only wish to terrify. Their only joy comes from feeding.
Master sees the world changing. Sees humans become weaker, become easier to scare, and yet, he finds himself weaker. He weakens with humanity. Some of his brothers are equally weakened, but others are strengthened. There is talk of another schism in the family.
He has a plan to make himself strong again, and it's too good to fail. He will succeed. Mankind will not fall. It will be reshaped into an image more appropriate for the most Unholiest of Muses.
His pale, wrinkly face leered in at me. His lifeless, black eyes, that shone despite their darkness, peered into my own. His stringy hair fluttered a little in the wind. He seemed to be breathing somewhat harshly"
-Iliketofix, Moderator, The Happy Cube Productions (Forum site)

Various other Sites
Believe it or not, Father Paranoia (and two of his brothers) want mankind to wander down one of the paths that leads to the world not changing so much. A world full of misery and chaos would be useless to the Muses, who are meant to inspire. Who would Paranoia inspire if everyone had reason to be paranoid? Such a world would weaken him to the point of non-existence. He would be gone. Unfortunately, Calliope has already gotten mankind to wander down the wrong path. Ulistikos also interferes, caught up in feeding and power. We wish to fix mankind. We wish to to put you on the right path.
We want to take a path that will be much like the world we have now. The main difference will be that Paranoia will (and perhaps two of his brothers) be a bit stronger

The story goes that they are the children of 'Father Paranoia", also known to most paranormal investigators as Shadow People.. However, the BEKs are Shadow People who have gone further than merely haunting. They wear the skin of the dead-- this is why their eyes are 'black'. Their mythology is similar to some old Vampire myths, as they are said to feed on human souls.

When Father Paranoia sicks them on someone, they'll come to the door and knock. They cannot come in unless you open the door for them.They may claim to be in trouble, or ask to use the phone or whatever.
They look... 'wrong', or some eye witness reports have claimed. Like their skin doesn't fit right.
Father Paranoia, the dark muse, is said to use that-- the sound of them knocking-- as his calling card, a warning so to speak.
This was all related to the story of the Wyoming Incident. It's the first case I got involved in...

That Father Paranoia wanted to fix us.
That the human race is broken....

Analysis of Father Paranoia
He is a very interesting paranormal entity. Obviously if the PTC had a unit dedicated to him, along with the fact his "children" feed on souls, he needs to be avoided at all costs, and destroyed. His followers seem to see him as a holy figure (Muse). I believe that just like Slenderman and the Rake, we need to be aware of him, careful of his actions, and hopefully find a way to put him down. With all that is happening para-normally in the world the last things we need are more dangerous entities.

It is high time I start analysis of these and other entities in our world. Youtube Vlogs will be forth coming on my YouTube Channel

-Stay safe everyone
Rev Loon the Wanderer

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