Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DarkHarvest00 Finds a book

The guys from youtube channel DarkHarvest00 found a book thanks to thier hallowed stalker.
Link to the photos of said Book.

I have already done my own analysis and sent it to them i will post it below

Book Interpretation: Book One

Page 2 & 3
Seems to be talking about dimensional Gateways and of something called "the Hour Glass" which seems to be a type of portal.
page 4
Diagram seems to be of a Portal. the triangles could represent objects of some kind being used to stabilize said portal
Page 5
If the Rift (seemingly main Gate into the Portal) closes the "Hour Glass"(actual pathway) Remains intact, just without and entrance. Apparently it is difficult, nearly impossible to find this residual site for the rift with our 5 senses.
Page 6
Way to reopen the rift by use of Heat energy and Vim energy.(Vim is apparently energy left over form our worlds creation) and the release needs to be done in four specific points around the residual Rift. (The triangles in the diagram)
Page 7
The Rift opening must be started by something in the 4th world(dimension) and finished by and someone here in our world. once complete any creature or object may cross into our world, though the creatures are changed dramatically due to their extra dimensional properties.
Page 8
Theorizes that something entering the rift is broken down on a molecular level and then reassembled on in the portal on the other side.
Page 9
Explains how the energies support the open rift. i am guessing the diagram show the mathematical equations to keeping it open.
Page 10
Warning about the dangers of opening a rift without the energies present, and that the rift can cause harm to both worlds due to alien diseases, and throwing Eco-systems out of balance.
Page 11
The Rift alters the effects of time on the travelers passing through it.
Page 12
The Rift only works as a temporary Gateway between the 3rd and 4th world. Should it become corrupted by an unstable rift it could cause damage to anything traveling through it.
Page 13
Beings that travel through the Rift are "Infected" with Electromagnetic radiation. Main symptom is a electromagnetic "Pulse" emitting from the infected. This radiation is contagious but short living.

Book 2 Cycles Interpretation

Seems to represent a past or maybe other dimension.
First Movement
The Tentacled eye seems to represent a king overseeing a punishment
Second Movement
Another crowned being, perhaps a prince is blinded by a sword. Three cow like drawings appear here as well labeled 1, 2 and 3. These may represent witnesses to the blinding
Third movement
The Eye and the Second figure (Very Slenderman like) are near an alter where the animal labeled 2 was either sacrificed or killed while 1 and 3 watched. The crowns are now both in the tentacles of the eye, perhaps they have given up or lost the power they had.

First Movement
Operator symbol with tentacle could represent a world. Slenderman is at the top along with 5 people labled 1,6,3,4,5. 1 and three may be the same as the ones from before which explains the fact 2 is missing.
Second movement
Some sort of cage like structure with the grim reaper on it. The Eye is holding a triangle with 1 one it perhaps choosing him or marking him. The other numbers are attached to the cage by tentacles and appear in squares, maybe they are trapped somewhere
Third Movement
Slenderman standing on a world surrounded by what seem to be corpses. not 100% on the 4 but it along with the symbol could represent a gate to the 4th world.
First movement
Broken Hourglass seems to represent a collapse of a gate. The diamond and bird seem to be watchers perhaps a being from the other world and the opener of the gate.
Second Movement
The Diamond possibly represents the person from our world that opened the gate. This seems to show a struggle between good and evil. The Skull is obviously evil and the wheel seems close to the Dharma Wheel from Buddhism. I believe this person to be the 3 from the other images simply because of the birds carrying the number 3.
Third Movement
Might Represent the complete corruption of the Diamond. not sure about the triangle unless it is the 1 from the other page also corrupted.
IV-The Fourth Dawn
Mortem Obire-Meet Death
Diagram of the Gate between the 3d and 4th worlds

Book Three Kinder Von Der Ritter 

Title translates to Children of the Knight

The Diamond also appears here which seems to me to mean that he was represented in the second book as being corrupted

1 Remembrance
Story of the "Discoverer" and his finding of an ancient tablet supposedly outlineing the ability to become a God in the fourth dimension. Once he translated it into English it was forgotten. It Would later be rediscovered by "The First Overseer". The First Overseer founded an Order dedicated to the Tablet and the transcripts. He also Wrote the first "Collective Knowledge" He gathered Believers to analyze the Tablet and found more information about the Gateway to the fourth dimension and a God called GORR'RYLAEHOTEP. (He who is our Master)
The order worshiped this God along with protecting the tablet and it's transcript. People from The Discoverer's home-world(maybe just town) came and took the tablet and it's transcript leaving the order with only the Collective knowledge and the knowledge of the first overseer to guide them. So they Developed and grew the order in spite of not having the tablet. Then they finally saw their master, and many died in "Glorious Exaltation" but one was chosen to be their God's Herald. The Herald was supposed to become the "Immortal Oracle" who could see both past and future, these "visions" are a foundation of the order and a map on how to go on a "Trek" to obtain Godhood. This trek will happen on the Fourth Dawn, but the laws of the Order must be upheld, for the safety of the Trek.

This is obviously a history of some type of Cult devoted to slender man

The Laws.

Law of Secrecy
Obvious one

Law of Submission
Submit to the ultimate goal of the order-Transcendence by moving to the other world, and and submitting to the wisdom of the Overseer

Law of Remembrance
Must remember and revere the Origins of the Order and the memory of the strides of members who made strides towards enlightenment.

2 Submission

Describes a basic Heirachy of the order.
The God/Master-GORR'RYLAEHOTEP probably slenderman

The Overseer- Divine guide and knows the most about their God. Will lead the Vassels on the Trek. He is described as Powerful and his will is absolute because it is the will of their God. Also described as the Greatest of Men

The Apprentice- Trains with the Overseer to replace him after his death.

The Immortal Oracle- the Seer of Truth. He lives in isolation because his mortal mind was destroyed by the truth he sees because it is too amazing for mortal minds to comprehend without reaching Godhood.

The Vassals- The "blood" of the brotherhood,
They follow the laws of the order and are instrument of the Overseer and the master. They will meet the master at the 4th Dawn, and must ward off the evil of the Harbingers

The Harbingers-Those who try and stop the order

3 Rememberance

PIETAS-Roman Virtue:duty, or devotion
This section is basically a pledge to the Master

VITULAMEN-Latin:sacrifice or offering
This section looks like a ritual passage

This section is some sort of Initiation ritual

The Document from the back of the book

Looks like a government attempt to create a Rift between dimensions


  1. I also examined the Black Book, but I sent my results to the guys... And never heard anything back from them. I've tried to contact them numerous times with no success. I am not even sure if my examination made it through to them, or if it did, if it registered on them. SM does have a way of making people Not see things He doesn't like.

  2. send me pics of these pages and i mite be able to make sense of them