Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long needed update

I know it has been some time. I haven't been in the safest of places. Currently i write this from a Undisclosed location that has not been told to me, just in case.MASC and myself have been trying to keep VINDICATE off of our trail, and dealing with a few other problems.

First off our last location was discovered by the Avatar, and because of it we had to move from our comfort zone. He almost got to us, MASC ended up in a small skirmish with some guys from VINDICATE and somebody who wasn't wearing the VINDICATE symbol or a gasmask that all of the others seem to where. He stood at the back of the group wearing what seemed to be some kind of bullet proof armor. He had some kind of odd helmet covering his face with a dark face shield, for some reason the eye area was clear, and his eyes were crimson where the whites should have been and emerald green, i will never forget those eyes. They pierced into my soul or at least felt like it. He watched as the members of VINDICATE fell and then took a few steps forward. I saw it then, something i had feared laying eyes upon since all of this started. Drawn upon his chest in white paint was the Operator symbol, that damned X in a circle. MASC fired and realized his armor was too thick to penetrate and they called a retreat, that's when he spoke. His voice chilled me, I was in some sort of daze as he spoke, my body felt numb and my chest tight.
"Gentlemen, it is simple, hand him over to VINDICATE and this ends. Deny this request, and HE will get involved and i will get to watch while the lot of you burn."
He turned and walked off into the woods, and we moved as fast as we could to get somewhere safe. I can only tell you that I will get some footage up on my channel here soon. As soon as i am safe.

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  1. That is quite chilly indeed.
    I hope you get somewhere safer soon.